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Health is at the heart of the food choices consumers make today. Recent breakthroughs in nutrition science seek to strike the right balance between health and taste while attempting to lower cost as well.

Less sugar is better

Though sugar contributes to only about 13% of the formula volume, it makes up 23% of the beverage cost. You will agree, the fluctuations in sugar prices impact margins. Also, you need to absorb high inventory and logistics costs. Isn’t it, then, a sensible thought to minimise sugar and enhance profitability?

Health without compromising on taste

While consumer interest in healthier food is growing exponentially, taste remains an equally important decision factor. In the case of beverages, particularly juices, the market in India is growing rapidly. Forecasts by Euromonitor predict that the juice market can become over US $2.5 BN (INR 17,500 Crores approx.) by 2022. Over the past 5 years, keeping up with consumer’s desire for healthier food, the number of new products launched with reduced sugar claims has grown significantly.

Thus, it is only a matter of time before low-sugar juices that taste great are dominate the retail store shelves.

TasteSense™ - The cutting-edge taste solution

TasteSense™ by Kerry unlocks a profitable opportunity for your beverage business. Supported by extensive global R&D, TasteSense™ is a radically new sweetness solution that enhances the perception of sugar naturally thus allowing the consumer to experience the sweetness of sugar with up to 30% [1] lesser sugar. TasteSense™ is a convenient, label-friendly product that delivers an excellent taste profile.

It is a reliable, clean-label solution when sugar reduction has now become imperative. It enhances the beverage experience with an ability to lift natural sweetness without an unpleasant after-taste, mask unwanted notes (like bitterness or astringency) and give a great mouth feel.

HFSS Regulation is coming soon. Are you ready ?

FSSAI's proposed regulations on HFSS (High Fat Salt and Sugar), require you to be more transparent with the level of sugar in the beverage.You will be mandated to colour code the sugar content and highlight in Red whenever the sugar level is above the specified limit.

Though aimed at helping consumers make healthier choices, these initiatives have challenged manufacturers to think differently and look for unique solutions.

The message is loud and clear: Act quickly or face action.

Why TasteSense™ makes real business sense?

Lowers your production cost by minimising sugar

Enables you to produce innovative, healthier beverages that taste great and consumers will love

It is convenient and label-friendly

Helps you comply easily with the latest FSSAI regulations

[1]TasteSense™ can provide up 3 Brix reduction in the sugar level.